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Here’s an interesting experiment to try, if you’re keen! You can order your green beans through us.


You can admit it here, we won't laugh. You want to roast your own beans.
There now, doesn't that feel better?

It's not a crazy idea. Green beans are far less expensive than those that are roasted
ahead of time and can be safely stored for up to two years without loss of flavour. By roasting your own, you also know you're getting the freshest cup of coffee possible.

As far as flavour, well, that depends a lot on you. If you favour the
light roasts, you will find it very difficult to approximate their flavours using the pan method. If you favour the darker styles, you stand a good chance of success simply
by using a common skillet.

Want to get started?
Okay, start by selecting some green beans. Take a common skillet and place it on a burner set to high. You need a temperature of approximately 500F to roast coffee.

When the skillet has heated sufficiently, pour the beans in and begin shaking. Do not let the beans come to rest on the pan surface. If you do, they will
burn. As you shake the beans, you will begin to notice the beans changing colour, from an olive green to a yellow-green hue.

You will also need a lot of wrist strength! You have to keep the beans moving in the skillet from 6-9 minutes, and perhaps much longer (depending on the roast style you prefer).

If you can keep the pan shaking at the 6-9 minute mark, you will hear the beans begin to pop. This is what the roasters call "First Crack". Once this crackling stops, the beans should have turned a light, golden brown and you may stop. If you do, you have what many call a "New England Roast".

If you're experimenting, go ahead and stop and, when they've cooled, grind these fresh roasted beans and sample the results.

Be exact. Precisely measure the amount of ground coffee and water you use, and then take notes on the flavours you perceive in the cup. If you know you want a darker roast when that first crackling stops then by all means, keep shaking! The longer you go, the easier it is to burn the beans so shake it baby, shake it. The beans will be getting darker and darker and at
some point you will hear the "Second Crack". Get ready now, when the crackling stops this time you will be at what is called "Full City Roast". There are darker roasts, including the level of roast used for creating beans for Espresso, but you may not want to go there yet. Then again, coffee lovers seem to have a sense of adventure. Roast on!

There was a time when the "chore" of roasting coffee was replaced by roasting machines. In a world where clothes were still scrubbed by hand, anything that lessened the labours of life was seen as an improvement. But today we have the luxury to choose to make our own pasta, or bake our own bread, or roast our own coffee. Today we realise that though it is often a lot of work, it is well worth the effort to revisit the days of the home-grown, the hand-made, the home-roasted .

Written by David Naugle


Borgia Shake

2 tbsp orange juice concentrate
1/4 cup strong coffee (such as espresso)
2 scoops vanilla ice cream
Blend the above ingredients until smooth.
Top with whipped cream and a fresh orange slice.

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